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ProActive At Home

Our goal is to help you become and remain INDEPENDENT and FREE OF FALLS by improving your strength, balance, mobility and stamina!

Our ProActive at Home program is ideal for senior residents looking to maintain longevity and independence while improving their strength, balance, mobility and endurance.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from balance/stability issues or pain/discomfort problems impairing your ability to live the life that you want, we would love to have a discussion on why our ProActive Home Health Program is the perfect option for you!

Key Benefits:

  • Our unique treatment style and specialist care are quite the exception. In fact, it is the norm for all other known home health physical therapy practices in the surrounding area to spend more time documenting than spending one on one treatment time with their patient. It has been these low standards of care by others which has caused insurers to continually cut reimbursement for ALL physical therapy providers. 
  • Our goal is to help you become and remain INDEPENDENT and FREE OF FALLS by improving your strength, balance, mobility and stamina!
  • The entire team at ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness strives to provide you with the best service and treatment at each visit, through every aspect of your care. We do this by having a highly trained team who cater to your unique needs and provide focused one on one treatment sessions. Further, we believe that together the Doctor of Physical Therapy and patient should determine what the best treatment options are, not Medicare. This approach is superior and gives you the best chance to get the outcome that you are hoping for and deserve.  

Don't just take our word for it

The quality of care and attention to details that the specialists at ProActive have provided to me is second to NONE. I feel that each session is catered to my SPECIFIC needs and by doing so I am starting to feel stronger and more independent each session

Sue K.

(Happy and Satisfied ProActive Family Member)

I am so grateful for the ProActive team. Each step of the process was has been executed flawlessly, from the initial evaluation to the execution of the plan of care. I have had home health physical therapy in the best and I felt the therapist spent more time documenting than helping me. This is the exact opposite with the ProActive team. They actually took the time to understand my needs and fears and created a specialized plan specific to me. I can honestly say that I have already noticed a significant improvement in my balance and strength. I am no longer fearful of needing to rely on my family members to take care of me. I have regained my independence. Thank you so much

George R.

(Happy and Satisfied ProActive Family Member)