Meet The ProActive Team!

Dr. Brandon Evans...

is the Founder and Owner of ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness. He received his Bachelors degree from Purdue University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Western Kentucky. He has experience in outpatient orthopedics, hospital physical therapy, health and wellness, and preventative medicine.

Some, but not all, of the most common issues that he treats are:

  • Low back pain 
  • Runner’s knee
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • “Migraine” headaches
  • Shoulder Pain (rotator cuff injuries)
  • TMJ discomfort

Over the years, Dr. Evans has provided peace of mind and reassurance to individuals that have been told:

  • “It’s your age”
  • “You just have to live with this”
  • “You need to stop exercising” 
  • “Take these pills and I will see you in 3 months”
  • “Surgery is your only option”

He wants to help you understand that in MOST cases something can be done to give you long term relief! Brandon is a proud husband to his beautiful wife Emily and a proud father to his handsome son Bryson. Brandon is also very strong in his faith! When not in the office you can find Brandon spending time with his family and friends, playing sports, or exercising to promote longevity!

Professional Affiliations and Qualifications

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Member of American Physical Therapy Association

Favorites & Fun Facts

  • City: Denver/New York City
  • Film: Remember the Titans
  • Celebrity: Michael Jordan 
  • Sports: Basketball and Football (Getting more into Golf)
  • Teams: Louisville Cardinals, Purdue Boilermakers, Indianapolis Colts
  • I have scuba dove, bungee jumped, flown a plane and skydiving is next!

Jordan Gieselman...

is our Director of Business Development, the man behind the scenes running the website, social media, and you may even get to hear his voice over the phone from time to time. Jordan received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Evansville in Visual Communications. His background in graphic design gives our team the ability to find creative solutions for our daily tasks and goals. Fun fact about Jordan, he even designed our logo!

Jordan believes he "married up" with his beautiful wife Jennifer and they are happy owners of a goofy golden doodle named Marvel. If he needs to get away, you’ll find him in the trees of a golf course looking for his tee shot. He strives to be as positive and energetic as he can, because not only does it make his life a happier place, Jordan hopes to be able to make someone else’s day better.

Favorites & Fun Facts

  • City: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Film: Forrest Gump
  • Celebrity: Ryan Reynolds 
  • Sports: Die-hard golf fan
  • Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts

Sue Prince...

Sue's background is in small business management and has joined the ProActive team as Front Desk Customer Relations Manager. She was born, raised and educated in New York, met her husband Vic there when watching his Rock 'N Roll band in the 80's. They had racehorses before raising their two girls, who are now married with their own children. LIPEO

Favorites & Fun Facts

  • City: Louisville! (lived in NY, NJ, FL, VA)
  • Film: Like Water for Chocolate
  • Celebrity: Louise Hay 
  • Sports:Enjoys Yoga, kayaking, biking, hiking, pickleball and Spa Days!