About The ProActive Wellness Program

In an ideal world, injuries would never occur but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world. Many times injuries occur when the demand that we ask of a certain bodily structure (ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc..) is greater than its ability. The gap between demand and ability leads to some structures working harder than they are capable of doing which ultimately leads to an injury, pain, or discomfort. This class is not only designed to address old nagging injuries but also to prevent ones from happening in the future!

The best medicine is preventative medicine so take a ProActive approach to your health!

What Do We Offer?


Meet Our Exercise Movement Specialist

Matt graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology. He has since used that knowledge and education to help spread life through health and wellness to everyone he meets.
Matt said once he got started in the health and wellness industry he had no idea how much passion he was going to have helping people get their lives back by making small simple nutritional changes and holding them accountable to exercise. 
Matt realizes for most people all they need is a little encouragement and accountability, and he says if he can be those two things for somebody else then he has fulfilled his purpose! 

Hear What People Are Saying About ProActive...


I am beyond impressed with ProactivePT and Wellness! I was told I wouldn’t be able to do certain activities again (EVER), and I’m so thankful that Brandon challenged me to believe otherwise. After working with Brandon for a few months, I achieved more goals than I had in over 10 years! Now, whenever I leave ProActive, I wonder what goals and dreams can I tackle next! Many thanks to the team for helping me to live my best life!

Amanda G.


Brandon, with ProActive  Physcial Therapy has done wonders in increasing my overall flexibility, muscle activation and more importantly the causes and   correction of discomfort during certain athletics movements. He will not give you a generic exercise to perform but, will keep digging until he finds the cause of the problem. All diagnostics and treatments are clearly explained and questions are answered in good detail.  I highly recommend   Brandon and Proactive Physical Therapy.

Don S.


Brandon Evans doesn’t just ask you the issue and fixes it, he analyzes the problem and talks to you why the issue is happening in the first place. Once the immediate issue is resolved he helps give you a plan to stop it from happening in the future. This approach has helped me a ton, and I have learned a lot from just listening and following along with him. Seeing Brandon is totally worth it if you are looking for long term relief.

Reid T.

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We promise that we will do our best to make sure YOU enjoy YOUR time with us. We will be doing everything we can to ensure that we give maximum value to YOUR health and ensure that YOU return to the ACTIVE and HEALTHY lifestyle YOU deserve without reliance on pain medications, surgeries, injections, and other costly procedures.

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