Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  1. Are you worried about “slowing down” and not being able to pursue your passions?
  2. Have you noticed that you have “lost a step” or are unable to do the things that you used to be able to do?
  3. Have you been told that you should stop exercising because of the risk of injury?
  4. Do you want to continue to be able to safely try new things and adventures all while reducing the “effects of aging”?
  5. Do you want to avoid surgeries, pain medications, injections, and other costly procedures that get suggested to you every time you go to your physician’s office?
  6. Do you want to improve your overall health, both physically and mentally, to ensure that you are able to be at your best?

The best medicine is preventative medicine so take a ProActive approach to your health!

About The ProActivate Wellness Program

This isn’t your typical exercise experience…

This is a program designed to address the 5 most important facets of the human body to reduce the effects of aging to keep you at your best.

In an ideal world, injuries and discomfort would never occur but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world. Many times injuries occur when the demand that we ask of a certain bodily structure (ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc..) is greater than its ability. The gap between demand and ability leads to some structures working harder than they are capable of doing ultimately leading to an injury, pain or discomfort. This program is not only designed to address old nagging injuries but also to prevent new ones from happening in the future!

Once An Injury or Discomfort Occurs, YOU Have 2 Options...

Option 1:

Lower the demand to meet the ability. This is the common advice that most get…“Rest” and “Take It Easy” and hope the injury goes away on its own and that the structures “magically” strengthen to help prevent future injuries.

Option 2:

Increase the body’s ability to meet the demand. This means that we improve the body’s mobility, stability, strength, and endurance to meet the demands that we place on it each and every day.

We don’t know about you… but we choose OPTION 2!

To achieve optimal functional health we must look at 5 different facets of the body.

Strength and Stability: The muscles and tendons must be strong enough to stabilize the joints (along with ligaments). The muscles must also be strong enough perform any and all activities asked of them. The core also needs to be in optimal condition so that the other muscles can work efficiently

Mobility and Flexibility: The muscles and tendons need to have proper extensibility and range of motion to perform tasks asked of them. 

Endurance and Stamina: The heart and lungs must be strong enough to pump blood and oxygen to the working muscles.

Nutrition: Your body needs needs fuel (calories) to be able to perform tasks day you ask of it. If you aren’t providing your body with the enough (and proper) fuel the body wont be able to perform the activities being asked out it efficiently. 

Mental Health/Clarity: This is something that often gets overlooked in today’s medical field. If you aren’t in the good place mentally you will never be the best version of yourself.


This program will not only get you STRONGER, more MOBILE, more FLEXIBLE and improve your ENDURANCE, but will also improve your HEART HEALTH, help PREVENT FUTURE INJURIES, and KEEP YOU OUT OF THE MDs OFFICE!!!

Want A Partner To Join You?

Do you have a close friend or maybe your spouse that wants to that want to make changes in your life so you both can MAINTAIN and Active and Healthy lifestyle? 

We’d love to have them as well! 

Many people find that exercise is not only easier with a partner, but it’s more FUN! There’s also a sense of accountability to succeed TOGETHER!

“Now I have someone that’s specifically hands-on, Megan this is your plan and not just a generic plan for someone who has back pain…” 
“I have seen other people through hospital supported physical therapists, ones that insurance paid and they are no where near where I am right now.”
“Those core exercises and lower back exercises that Dr. Brandon taught me has made all the difference because I’m not even sore anymore.”
“He gave me techniques on how to lift differently, how to hold my wrist which really helped. I think I only 4 sessions and it all went away which is fantastic!”
“I was only off my feet for a week to a week and a half and I slowly started getting back to work…”
“He just wants you to feel better no matter what your goal is whether it’s gardening, walking your dog or doing some power lifting…”

Hear What People Are Saying About ProActive...


I am beyond impressed with ProactivePT and Wellness! I was told I wouldn’t be able to do certain activities again (EVER), and I’m so thankful that Brandon challenged me to believe otherwise. After working with Brandon for a few months, I achieved more goals than I had in over 10 years! Now, whenever I leave ProActive, I wonder what goals and dreams can I tackle next! Many thanks to the team for helping me to live my best life!

Amanda G.


Brandon, with ProActive  Physcial Therapy has done wonders in increasing my overall flexibility, muscle activation and more importantly the causes and   correction of discomfort during certain athletics movements. He will not give you a generic exercise to perform but, will keep digging until he finds the cause of the problem. All diagnostics and treatments are clearly explained and questions are answered in good detail.  I highly recommend   Brandon and Proactive Physical Therapy.

Don S.


Brandon Evans doesn’t just ask you the issue and fixes it, he analyzes the problem and talks to you why the issue is happening in the first place. Once the immediate issue is resolved he helps give you a plan to stop it from happening in the future. This approach has helped me a ton, and I have learned a lot from just listening and following along with him. Seeing Brandon is totally worth it if you are looking for long term relief.

Reid T.

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