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ProActive's Functional Training Program

This is a program designed specifically for individuals 50+ that want to continue their passions but need guidance and accountability on how to safely do so. It is created to address the 5 most important facets of the human body to reduce the effects of aging and to keep you at your best!

  • Accountability
  • Guidance
  • Motivation


  • Your Transformation Plan: this is where you and one of our Specialists work together to determine YOUR specific fitness goals. Together we will create a step by step roadmap to ensure that all of your fitness goals are met. By doing so allows us to be crystal clear on YOUR vision and what YOUR ideal physique, fitness, strength and energy levels look like.
  • Progression Re-evaluations every 4 weeks: to ensure that we are 100% on target of achieving the goals that we set in the beginning. We will be doing a Re-evaluation every 4 weeks. This will allow us to make any adjustments needed to achieve YOUR goals.
  • Unmatched one to one Functional Training: performed in our private fitness facility, one, two or three times per week - where your progression is our number one priority in an environment that allows all the focus to be on you (no waiting for machines, or feeling crowded in a big, impersonal gym)
  • Semi-Private training environment: no waiting around for equipment or feeling crowded in a busy gym. The space is exclusively for you and our specialist to train, and get great results.
  • Gym Membership to our Semi-Private 3,000 sq ft gym: You will have a 1 month membership to access to our semi- private 3,000 sq. ft gym in order for you to continue your progress on the days you do not see one of our specialists in person. Each month a program will be created by our specialist and posted for you to follow to remove any confusion on what you should be doing.
  • 1 Month Access to ProActive’s Training App: This app is where you can go in a book your semi-private gym sessions.
  • Discounted Wellness Sessions: 10% discount on massage, myofascial release and total body stretch sessions


You can either go session by session or purchase a package of sessions based on your specific wants and needs. There aren't any long-term contracts because we don't believe in them.