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"We Help You Live The Active, Healthy (And Happy) Lifestyle You Deserve – Without Pain Pills, Surgeries, Or Injections"

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We build your body back up from the ground up, using a proven 6-step program – with YOU, your values, and your “why” at the center of everything we do. We make time to listen to your concerns. And give you the pain-free life you deserve – because we care.

We want you back working out, back on the pickleball court, the golf course, or the tennis court. Back to sleeping through the night again - and back to spending quality time with your loved ones. “How?” We focus on lifestyle modifications that strengthen your body using functional movement patterns that you do daily, such as lifting your grandkids, walking the dog, or spending time in the garden.

Here’s how we do it:

The Proven ProActive

6-Step Total Body Wellness Program

Step 1: What Is True For You?

Before we optimize your physical health and help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way, we take time to understand your wants, needs, values, and concerns. No two patients are the same (even if you have the same injury). That's why we need to determine a successful outcome for YOU.

What do you want physical therapy to enable you to do?

Why do you want to do that thing?

Your answers to these questions lead us to what you need to fix or overcome to get there.

When we’re clear on your "why," we evaluate the TRUE cause of your symptoms. Often, the area where you have pain is not the TRUE underlying cause of your symptoms. Often, other structures like your muscles, tendons, or joints stop doing their job correctly, leading to overcompensation and injury over time.

For example, imagine playing tug of war with a team of 5 people. If 3 of the five people stop pulling, the other two must pull harder to produce the same force. The other two people can do this for a short period. Still, eventually, they become fatigued or injured. This is what happens when you experience non-traumatic pain and discomfort.

Step 2: Natural Pain Relief (Without Medication)

Our patients often compare their first physical therapy session to a physiological sigh or a long exhale – where your body lets go of all the pain patterns and tension it's been holding onto (often for decades) and enters a deep state of relaxation. During your first few sessions, we work with you to reduce or sometimes even eliminate the pain at this early stage and educate you to modify your everyday activities for even more significant benefit. We never tell you to stop the things you like to do. We don't believe in that. Instead, we help you modify activities that contribute to your pain.

Step 3: Mobilization

We help you regain full mobility and range of motion (this is so important). Inside your body, you have muscles that act (agonists). But you also have muscles that do the exact opposite (antagonist). For example, if you turn your head left and right. Some muscles turn your head to the right (agonists), but on the flip side, you have muscles that turn your head to the left (antagonist). They do the exact opposite of one another. To fully turn your head to the right, you paradoxically need flexibility and mobility in the muscles that turn your head to your left. But if these (left turning) muscles are short or tight, you can’t fully turn your head to the right, and vice versa.

Step 4: Stabilization

Back to the tug-of-war analogy, we now need to get the people that stopped pulling to start pulling (working) again to take the stress off the others.

After reducing the pain and mobilizing your muscles and joints again, we help you stabilize the weak structures in your body so they can perform their job. When we get to this point, we start to focus on building the foundation of our body. Think of your body like a house. First, your foundational, structural muscles (stability muscles) keep your body upright and stable. Then, your aesthetic muscles create power. Just like a house, if your foundation is weak, it's a matter of time until the body fails and, hypothetically speaking, falls - leading to overcompensation and, eventually, pain and discomfort.

Step 5: Optimal Performance

When your foundations are strong, we can start improving your overall performance (based on your “why”). If pickleball is your passion, we start strengthening your body in ways that allow you to play multiple times per well with no pain or other setbacks. Same with golf, tennis, playing with your grandkids, or whatever you want to do, and do well – without pain.

Step 6: Total Body Wellness And Prevention

The last step is the maintenance and continual improvement phase. Now that you're active and healthy, we want to make sure that you keep doing all the things you love without suffering setbacks. Research shows that only 5% of people continue stretching and strengthening their bodies after completing a physical therapy program. What happens is that you feel great and start to increase your frequency of performing your preferred activities. But stop the things you learned that allow you to do them. It's a recipe for disaster. That's why we have a continuing program to help you stay on top of your game (whatever that looks like to you).

The ProActive Physical Therapy And Wellness: Mission

Our mission is to help you make the best decision about your health. We want to help you understand that there are alternatives to surgeries, pain medications, injections, and other costly procedures that will provide long-lasting outcomes rather than "quick fixes."

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a "Person first, Patient second" environment by creating a family-like setting where your health-related concerns, values, and needs are LISTENED to and UNDERSTOOD.

We make you feel like family, not simply a "number," a "patient," or a "billable unit." This approach allows us to deliver what a successful outcome looks like to you.

Our Promise to You

We want you to know that you are the reason we are here. YOU are the reason we do what we do, and we promise to do everything humanly possible to honor your time, values, and concerns and make your experience here as fun and productive as possible. We promise to do our best to make sure you enjoy your time with us. We do everything we can to give maximum value to your health so that you can return to the active and healthy lifestyle you deserve without relying on pain medications, surgeries, injections, and other costly procedures.

Need Help Deciding If Physical Therapy Is Right For You?

At ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness, we meet you where you are on your healthcare journey. We understand you might need more time to commit. You probably want to gather more information on who we are, what we do, and whether we can solve your healthcare problems first.

Does that sound like you?

If so, we would love to offer you a, no-obligation, risk-free appointment with a physical therapist via phone, video, or in person. This session allows us to understand YOUR healthcare concerns, personal values, and what a successful outcome looks like for YOU. So, if you’re ready to take the first step to better health, you’re just one click away. Book now.

The No Obligation Discovery Call is for you if you’re unsure if we can help with a specific healthcare concern or if you previously tried physical therapy but were unsatisfied with the results. It's an opportunity to talk to our Specialists and see if ProActive is the right fit for YOU. Please click the button below and fill out the short form to tell us more about YOU.

Meet Dr. Evans...

Dr. Brandon Evans

Dr. Evans is the Founder and Owner of ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness. 

He helps people achieve their health and lifestyle goals and has been doing so for many years. Dr. Evans's guiding philosophy is that everyone deserves a healthcare professional who takes the time to get to know them and listens to their concerns. He believes YOU should be able to lead an active lifestyle free from pain medication and expensive surgeries. He also understands the mental toll that pain can have on you.

Imagine a life where you can spend time with family and friends without worrying, "I'm going to pay for this later."

Imagine how good that's going to feel.

In general, Dr. Evans believes that the medical field relies too heavily on “RE" active instead of proactive medicine, which leads to expensive (and unnecessary) surgeries and prolonged use of pain medication. Brandon is well-trained in treating injuries and pain. Still, he also strives to create a community where medical professionals take a more proactive approach to medicine to address injuries and discomforts at a much earlier stage.

What Other People Are Saying About ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness

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Megan Mulligan

“Now I have someone that’s specifically hands-on, Megan this is your plan and not just a generic plan for someone who has back pain…” 


Stacey Schmitt

“I have seen other people through hospital supported physical therapists, ones that insurance paid and they are no where near where I am right now.”



“Those core exercises and lower back exercises that Dr. Brandon taught me has made all the difference because I’m not even sore anymore.”

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