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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency

We Help People In Louisville, KY, stimulate the body to help heal itself, And RECOVER With PEMF treatment

What Is PEMF? (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency)

The easiest way to understand PEMF is to think of your body’s cells like batteries. All of your tissues, muscles, organs, etc. are made up of cells. At the end of the day your batteries (i.e. cells) are drained from the rigors forced on the body thus need to be “recharged” which is where PEMF comes in. In other words PEMF used electromagnetic fields to help address cellular dysfunction.

How Does PEMF work?

PEMF is a technology that produces a safe pulse to energize the cells of the body and stimulates the body's own natural healing process by increasing blood flow, leading to healthier tissues. This is achieved by magnetic energy waves being sent through the body to help increase electrolytes and ions. This process leads to electrical changes being made on a cellular level to help promote healing. The best part is that it is natural and safe as it simply stimulates your body to help heal itself.

Ultimately your body is a huge electrical system made up of ~36 trillion cells. Each cell functions by electrical signals being provided to it from the neurological system. Any disruption in the electrical cellular signals can lead to pain, dysfunction and illness. PEMF helps the body achieve a natural state of wellness by increasing oxygenation and reducing inflammation leading to increased overall wellness.


We recommend PEMF for individuals that are suffering from:

  • Joint or soft tissue pain (i.e. low back, ankle, knee, shoulder, etc...)
  • Chronic inflammation in joints or the soft tissues
  • Chronic fatigue symptoms or chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Poor wound healing

What are the Benefits of


  • Enhances the body’s natural recovery process
  • Corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body
  • Gives patients more energy naturally
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Helps you recover from an injury faster
  • Reduce arthritic pain
  • Improve tissue and joint mobility
  • Accelerate healing of bone fractures
  • Accelerate healing of tendon strains and ligament sprains
  • Accelerate healing of tendinopathies and tendonitis (i.e. tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis)
  • Help stimulate muscle function (i.e after a stroke)
  • AND SO MUCH MORE - Click below to inquire