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The ProActive Wellness Program

At ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness We Place A Huge Emphasis On The Wellness Component Of Healthcare.

Are you worried about “slowing down” and not being able to pursue your passions?

Have you noticed that you have “lost a step” or are unable to do the things that you used to be able to do?

Are you fearful of losing function and not being able to play with your children or grandchildren?

Do you want to continue to be able to safely try new things and adventures all while reducing the “effects of aging”?

Do you want to avoid surgeries, pain medications, injections, and other costly procedures that get suggested to you everytime you go to your physician's office?

Have you been told that you should stop exercising because of the risk of injury?

If you've answered YES to ANY of those questions above,

I Would Like to Welcome You To The ProActivate Wellness Program!

We routinely have checkups with our dentist, ophthalmologist, physician, etc..why do we do the same for our musculoskeletal system?

In an ideal world, injuries would never occur but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world. Many times injuries occur when the demand that we ask of a certain bodily structure (ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc..) is greater than its ability. The gap between demand and ability leads to some structures working harder than they are capable of doing which ultimately leads to an injury, pain, or discomfort. This class is not only designed to address old nagging injuries but also to prevent ones from happening in the future!

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Once an injury/discomfort occurs we have 2 options.

Option 1

Lower the demand to meet the ability. This is the common advice that most get…“Rest” and “Take It Easy” and hope the injury goes away on its own and that the structures “magically” strengthen to help prevent future injuries.

Option 2

Increase the body’s ability to meet the demand. This means that we improve the body’s mobility, stability, strength, and endurance to meet the demands that we place on it each and every day.

I don’t know about you… but I choose OPTION 2!

Who is this program for:

  1. You were “discharged” from physical therapy but would like to continue to progress your exercises for longevity. 
  2. You noticed that you have started to have more difficulty doing some of the things that you used to be able to do.
  3. You prioritize your health and want to combat some of the negative effects that come with aging 
  4. You want a better understanding of how you can take a ProActive approach to remain Active and Health.

Inquire About Cost and Availability

Dr. Evans uses a combination of the techniques listed below to help you Achieve and MAINTAIN your active and healthy lifestyle!!!

Manual Therapy

Dry Needling

Shockwave Therapy 

Sports Massage  

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) 

Functional strengthening program (all ages)

Accountability and guidance on how to safely progress your exercises