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Walking the Golf Course Sucks

Golf Course

But it doesn’t have to…

How many times can you say you actually walked all 18 in a day? On average, a golf course is approximately 4 miles long.

That’s a lot of steps… especially if you’re like me and needing to take the “scenic route” through the trees.

It’s often the physical pain of walking that far for hours that turns people away towards the golf carts. Whether it’s just the distance or having to lug around your clubs, it can be a demanding task. BUT there are a few ways to make it easier on yourself so you can enjoy your next round!

For starters, if it takes a toll on your body, slowly ease into walking all 18 by just starting with the front 9 and getting a cart at the turn. I can almost guarantee there is no golf course that would stop you from doing that!

As a person with feet as flat as a duck’s, my feet are throbbing after walking off the 18th green. That’s why I’m in desperate need of orthotics and not just the shoe inserts you can get at Walmart. ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness has ability to provide you with golf-specific orthotics that are custom designed to your feet and your feet alone. This is possible by our 3D foot scanning technology we have in office telling us where you need the appropriate support in ALL 3 arches of your feet.

As mentioned above, the ParFlex Plus Orthotics are designed to help your golf game and get you to enjoy your walk around the course a little more! For golfers, ParFlex Plus is clinically proven to help increase club head velocity and driving distance. Along with our 3 arch support, ParFlex Plus uses magnets to help increase energy and stamina. ParFlex Plus is a great way to knock strokes off your score.

  • Clinically proven to help increase club head velocity 3-5 mph
  • Clinically proven to help improve stroke distance, typically between 9 and 15 yards
  • Positively impacts balance and proprioception, which can help improve ball control
  • Built-in magnets help boost energy and stamina on the green, reduce fatigue

Another simple option is using a “push cart”! This allows you to enjoy the stroll without having to worry about the weight of your clubs pulling down on your shoulders the next 4 hours. And yes, I specifically said PUSH cart even though most will consider it a PULL cart. Actually if you push it, rather than pull, it’ll be much easier to move since you’ll be able to put your whole body in to it rather than ripping your arm off. You’re more than welcome to purchase one at most sporting good stores. It is easily considered an investment since golf is a sport for ALL ages! Additionally, a large portion of courses will give you the option to rent one for a small additional fee.

Finally, et’s talk about your bag. You’ll see on TV caddies lug around their boss’ bag that have only one strap, but keep in mind, these are the pros. Instead of trying to get the fanciest golf bag on the market because you want to look like Rory McIroy, do yourself (and your back) a favor and get a double strapped bag to carry your clubs around. Having a dual, intersecting strap distributes the weight of the bag more evenly so your body remains balanced and supported.

To put the sugar on top, if I haven’t convinced you yet… WALKING IS ALWAYS CHEAPER THAN A CART!

So walking the course doesn’t have to suck! Not only are you going to get to the enjoy the beauty the course has to offer, but you get a wonderful opportunity to stretch your legs and increase your overall health!

With that being said…. What time is our tee time?

Brandon Evans

Brandon Evans

Dr. Brandon Evans is the Founder and Owner of ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness. He received his bachelor's degree from Purdue University and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Western Kentucky. Dr. Evans has vast experience in outpatient orthopedics, hospital physical therapy, health and wellness, and preventative medicine. Dr. Evans provides peace of mind, reassurance, and hope to people who have previously been told:
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